The Institute

Welcome to the webpages of the History Department at the University of Bremen!

Besides dealing with the classical periods of ancient history, the Middle Ages, early modern and contemporary history, the History Department also takes a regional view on history. This includes especially the history and culture of Eastern/Central Europe as well as non-European history (Latin America). Via various research groups, the Institute is connected with the Bremen Office for Archeology and the German Shipping Museum. There is also a group in the field of history didactics, which is dedicated to the education of aspiring school teachers in the frame of Teacher Education.

The Institute of History has developed a number of innovative research concentrations, including disability history as well as the history of shipping, people trafficking in Europe, history and film, as well as digital history.

Formal cooperation agreements are in place with:

  • the Research Center for Eastern European Studies,
  • the German Shipping Museum in Bremerhaven,
  • the Bremen Office for Archeology and the Focke Museum,
  • the Bremen State Archives.

The following pages contain further information on our study programs, as well as on people and projects at the History Department.